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5 Easy DIY Tips To Turn Your Regular Doormat Into A Designer One

Here are 5 DIY tips to turn your regular doormat into a designer mat. Try these easy and cheap ways to beautify your doormats for enhancing your home decor


Are you tired of spending on expensive designer doormats? Here is a solution! Get a simple doormat and beautify it with your creative DIY skills. If you want something fashionable that will draw everybody's attention, read below and create your own designer doormat at home. These DIY tips are super fun, flexible, and can be done by anyone.

5 easy DIY’s to beautify your doormat

Quoted Doormats

Things you need

  • Plain doormat
  • Spray-paint
  • Paper, scissors, and markers

What to do

Start with selecting a quote you want to print on your doormat. Print the quote according to the size of your doormat. Trace the quote on a plain white paper and cut the paper making it into a stencil. Place the stencil on your doormat and spray-paint it with any preferable colour. Your elegant quoted doormat is ready in just  20 minutes. You can also use letter stencil instead of quotes. ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ design can also be designed on mats. This DIY gives you the upper hand in making your own personalised doormat.


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Pineapple print design

Things you need

  • Plain doormat (suggestively sandy colour)
  • Sponge
  • Yellow and green acrylic paint
  • Paper Plate

What to do

Cut the sponge in pineapple shape. You can print the shape and then trace it over the sponge. Spill the colours on the paper plate and dip your sponge in it. Trace the sponge print on your doormat. You can have single or multiple prints. While printing the sponge on the doormat, try doing it in one take to avoid misprint.


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Pebble doormat

Things you need

  • Doormat
  • Craft pebbles
  • High-performance glue

What to do

This DIY is quite self-explanatory. You just need to make sure that the pebbles are dry so that they stick properly. Apply glue on either the pebbles or the doormat. Arrange them as per the design of your choice. Leave it to dry overnight. Not only do these mats increase the aesthetics of your home, but they also help in cleaning your shoes as you enter the room.

Symmetric and geometric doormat

Things you need

  • Plain doormat
  • Acrylic paints
  • Brush
  • And your drawing skills

What to do

Simply paint your favourite symmetric design using paints and brushes. Or, you can even use a stencil and spray paint on the doormat. Hot tip: You can also try a mismatched pattern for this design. Just flexibly create your art.

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Wooden Doormat 

Things you need

  • Four wooden blocks of the same size
  • Two rugged ropes
  • Drilling machine

What to do 

Get a few wooden blocks. Mark two points from a couple of centimeters from the edges. Make sure that all the marks are at the same place for every block. Drill those marks using a drilling machine. Put on a rope through the holes, tying all the blocks together. Close the ropes from all sides by tying knots. This will put all your blocks together and result in an antic-style doormat.


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