Creative Mosaic Art Of Different Types To Beautify Your Home


Mosaic art is a creative and innovative way to add some variety to your home decor. This type of artwork can be done on any surface - from tabletops to floors.

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mosaic art

Wallpapers and regular paint on the walls can get monotonous after a while, on account of them having very little variety whatsoever. This is where mosaic art comes into the picture. Mosaic art has been around for a long time, and only now, it is being adopted into the home decor scenario. People who want to give their home a different, fresh, yet clean look - opt for mosaic art. According to life hacks, the below-mentioned seven mosaic art types are suitable for use in every home-

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7 Different Mosaic Art ideas for redecorating your home

Classical mosaic art

This is for those who want things done the traditional way. In classical mosaic art, stones like graphite are broken and cut into smaller pieces to create the whole image. This takes a long time and gives the most authentic mosaic image.

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Pebble mosaic art

For this type of mosaic art, pebbles are used in place of stone chips. This is easier and faster than the classical method, and also provides a unique result.

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Handmade mosaic art

In this artwork, you will have to use glass and tile as your material, slowly and carefully cutting and shaping them to size in accordance with the image you have in mind. Although this can take a long while, it will allow you to customise your image- or at least the colour pattern for it- in whichever way you like. You will have more control over the process of the artwork.

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Industrial mosaic art

When it comes to the world of creating mosaic art, this is a budget option. The tiles and chips are arranged in simple patterns with not a lot of detail. This is perfect for those who are not very particular about their design schemes and want some mosaic art done on a tight budget.

Personalised ceramic inserts

These are simply ceramic inserts which are introduced to a surface to freshen up its look. This actually works quite well for those who do not want to rework their floor with mosaic but still want it to look slightly different. 

Organic mosaic art

For the eco-friendly homeowners, there is organic mosaic art, which is done with materials such as limestone and marble. It is possible to create natural designs- often concerned with the environment- with these stones.

Glass mosaic art

Glass mosaic art can be done using vitreous glasses in different colours. This is fairly inexpensive to procure and easy to cut and shape, which makes it a brilliant choice for mosaic designs. Glass mosaics are perfect for installing in compact rooms since they give an illusion of a larger space.

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