Dreamcatcher: DIY Ideas To Make These Aesthetic Wall Hangings


Dreamcatchers are aesthetically pleasing and are believed to keep bad dreams at bay. Read on to make these simple dreamcatchers by following these steps.

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Dreamcatcher is an excellent example of simple things being pretty, especially when placed in your bedroom. The dreamcatcher's primary appeal is its good looks, making an ideal decorative item. Ample use of beads and feathers give wings to an ancient superstition that it captures negative dreams and allows the positive ones to float unimpeded.  A DIY dreamcatcher is also an attractive project for kids to indulge in as a display of creativity along with friends.

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Items required to make a dreamcatcher:

When you opt for a DIY dreamcatcher, the first step is to gather the materials required. It all depends on the dreamcatcher designs you have in mind.

  • The Hoop: Both metal and wooden rings of different sizes can be your choice.
  • Hemp cord material – A colourful pack makes the middle pattern really trendy and attractive.  
  • String spool – Any colour can be taken, required for feather adornments and hangings.  
  • Crochet doily – For the middle weave pattern
  • Fabric – Crucial for Dreamcatcher designs, a colourful fabric can be used to add glitz and glamour.
  • Feathers and Beads: Lots are required to add style and character to the Dreamcatcher.
  • Lace
  • Colourful glittery yarn
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

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Steps to make the Dreamcatcher:

It is easier to comprehend on how to make a Dreamcatcher if broken into three stages:

  • Wrap the Hoop: Use scissors to cut strips from the fabric and start wrapping it around the hoop. The basic idea is that no part of the hoop should be visible. There is no bar of how many wraps will be satisfactory. It is entirely up to you. Fix the end using the hot glue gun.
  • Weave the Middle Pattern:  Use the hemp material and tie a knot on the hoop top. Fix a measure and tie the next knot tight. Continue with this pattern in a geometric shape of your choice until it gets smaller and reaches the end dot in the middle. Tie the final knot to secure.
  • Decorate the stages: Use fabric strips, lace, and glittery yarn generously to hang at the bottom. Adorn the pattern with beads using double-sided tape. Use feather clusters to add at certain spots on the top or bottom to finish your dreamcatcher.

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Nothing is usually enough to completely beautify a home and living space on its own. Any idea for decor is par for the course as long as it adds value to aesthetics. Giving free rein to the imagination can make the prettiest dreamcatcher.

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