Popup Card In A Few Simple Steps, Make Your Own Quirky Version


Popup cards can be an excellent greeting card. Handmade ones are a better way to convey your emotions to near and dear ones. Learn how to make a pop-up card.

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popup card

Adding a great twist to the generic greeting cards, pop-up cards are fun and quirky, giving an extra kick to the recipients of those types of cards. You can create one from scratch or even make a popup card from a readymade card by sprucing it up with custom -made tabs. When you want to emphasise your message, nothing does it better than a pop-up card. The person on the receiving end is sure to literally ‘pop’ their eyes out when they open it.

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What you will need to make a DIY pop-up card

  • Two pieces of hard chart paper or construction paper
  • Markers
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Pop-up card printouts (or only paper if you want to make the pop-up tag yourself)
  • Scissors

How To Make the Pop-Up Tag From Scratch

The easy way to create a pop-up tag is by buying a readymade printable one from a stationery store. However, if you do the whole thing by yourself, your recipient will likely appreciate it more. To make your cards pop, make the tag yourself by following these simple steps. 

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  1. Cut out the piece of paper to the size that you wish to make the pop-up in.
  2. Draw; You can also add glitter and stickers on the tag.
  3. Use the markers to write down any message you want the person to read first as soon as they open the card.
  4. Once you have the pop-up tag ready, you can get on to your main task of making the greeting card in its entirety. Follow the steps mentioned below:
  5. Take the chart paper and fold it in half. If you want to make a smaller card, now is the time to cut it before going ahead with the entire card. A3 is an ideal size
  6. Cut slits of different sizes (1.5-inch slits) with the folded side of the paper facing you
  7. The paper that is formed between these slits will become the tabs, which can be whatever size you like
  8. Take your DIY pop-up tags and ensure that you have made slits the same size on them as well
  9. Open the card now, and fold the tabs inwards
  10. Now you can draw, paste glitter, or colour on these tabs
  11. Take your second piece of paper and stick it to the second paper so that it makes the final outer part of your card, hiding the creases
  12. Decorate the outer part of your card by writing a message, greeting, or adding stickers. You can also save a few of those DIY tags and slip it into small pockets (which will also need to be made and stuck to the front of the card).

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