Make Paper Snowflakes To Embellish Your Christmas Decorations


Snowflake on Christmas is a very unique thing and enlightens the atmosphere altogether. Given below is a method on how one can make a snowflake out of paper

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Whenever the Christmas festival approaches, many people start planning their Christmas decorations with gusto. Putting up Christmas decorations is a fun and relaxing process- a way to welcome the holiday season completely. While it is easy to purchase decorations from crafts stores, there is something extra special about making the decorations at home. Snowflakes are really easy to make, require a minimum amount of materials, and can be done as a family exercise to establish the spirit of Christmas further. If one is thinking about how to make a snowflake out of paper to display or hang on the walls for their Christmas decorations this year, here is a step by step guide for them.

Easy Guide to Making Paper Snowflakes

Materials required:

To make a paper snowflake, one will need the following things:

· Paper, thin or lightweight

· Safety scissors

· (Optional) Protractor


· First, it is important to affirm that the piece of paper is completely square. One can begin with a square piece of paper or cut the rectangular paper into a square shape.

· The paper should be folded diagonally so that the opposite corners meet in a neat line. A triangular shape needs to be formed in the end.

· Again, the paper should be folded diagonally so that an even smaller triangle is formed.

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· Using the Protractor, the pointed part of the triangle needs to be divided into three equal sections. If one does not have a protractor, then one can eyeball the division making process.

· When the three sections have been formed, the left section should be folded to the middle.

· Similarly, the right section should also be folded to the middle.

· The resulting shape should be flipped completely so that the horizontal part is facing the front.

· Cutting across the horizontal edge will end up making a wedge.

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· Next, one needs to use the scissors to cut out random shapes in the final triangle. They do not need to be in any particular direction or angle, simply irregularly shaped with jagged edges will be enough. One can also get snowflake patterns on the internet, which they can download and print.

· After this, all one needs to do is open the triangle, and a six-point snowflake is ready.

· This same process can be repeated to make more snowflakes with different patterns. It is completely realistic, too, because no two snowflakes in nature have the same type of pattern.

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This is an easy and simple process using which one can make snowflakes. Making four or eight-pointed snowflakes is also a great idea, but if one is a stickler for details and accuracy, then a six-pointed snowflake is the best because natural snowflakes have six points.


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