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Swiss Watch-maker Collaborates With Pigcasso- World's Only Painting Pig, Releasing The Flying Pig Collection

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Published:


  • Swiss watch-maker has collaborated with Pigcasso- world's only painting pig, releasing The Flying Pig collection
  • Pigcasso - rescued from a slaughterhouse, lives at a Farm Sanctuary in South Africa - rose to fame with her unique capability to paint

Pigs- be it chauvinistic or the animal kind definitely can't fly. But Pigcasso, can.

South Africa's animal artist- Pigcasso is a pig with the talent to paint, be it a pork chop or a serene farmhouse. Rescued from a slaughterhouse in 2016, Pigcasso who now lives in an animal shelter called Farm Sanctuary in Franschhoek, South Africa, rose to fame with her unique capability to paint and has sold many artworks, some selling for more than $4000!

Her website claims her preferred muses are serene landscapes writing, “a picnic basket fit for her unrivaled appetite. Caramel popcorn and syrup peaches—more please!”

At over 1000 pounds, Pigcasso- the world's only painting pig, has established herself as a genuine 'heavy-weight' expressionist in the art-world and paints with non-toxic vibrant colours which have entranced the world.

Such is her appeal, that Swatch- the Swiss watchmaker has collaborated with Pigcasso to launch a limited-edition timepiece featuring a design painted by Pigcasso. Swatch calls the collection - Flying Pig by Ms.Pigcasso, which features a white strap painted with bold strokes of grass-green and cobalt blue and a pink dial like the artist's ruby cheeks. Each watch will also be accompanied with a copy of an artwork created by Pigcasso and a certificate of authenticity.

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Swatch calls the collection - "What? It’s just a Swatch painted by a pig. No pig deal."

The collection which has been Swatch's best-selling design has catapulted Pigcasso into an Instagram hero which features pictures of her artwork.

Here are a few:

 Pigcasso boasts huge clientele some of which are based all over the world- be it in the Italian Parliament, Philippines, London, Germany or Rome.

Twitterverse has been celebrating the Flying pig collection and Pigcasso ever since it's release: