Thread Bangles: Easy DIY Craft Techniques To Make Them At Home


This easy and quick guide on crafting thread bangles at home is perfect for design and fashion enthusiasts. These DIY thread bangles can be created quickly.

Written By Alifiya Shaiwala | Mumbai | Updated On:
thread bangles

Bangles made of beautiful silk threads look absolutely stunning and can be worn with any traditional outfit. These gorgeous thread bangles are easy to make at home. This Diwali get ready to stir up some amazing craft ideas and make DIY thread bangles in no time! Here is how you can make them.

Guide to crafting DIY thread bangles at home

Here is the list of the materials you will need to make your DIY thread bangles at home. You can use your prefered choice of colours. Also, try playing with colourful combinations to suit the festive vibe.

  • Plastic bangles
  • Colourful silk threads
  • Gum
  • Scissors
  • Gold beads or beaded chain
  • Laces made of stone
  • Chains made of small pearls
  • Sequins and crystals (optional)

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Steps to make DIY thread bangles

1. Take a plastic bangle (shape, size and material of the bangle according to your wish) and wrap the bangle properly with silk thread. It is always better to choose plastic or wooden bangles otherwise you’ll find it quite difficult to stick the thread on to the bangle. Wrapping a thin bangle would not take much time and vice versa so choose accordingly. Use more than one silk thread to wrap the bangle and be sure of your wrist size before you start wrapping the threads. The more thread you take the coverage will be better so try taking 20 to 30 strands together. Choose the colours of your thread according to your choice.

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2. If you are using beaded chains or gems for your thread bangles then stick them properly on the thread, after you are done with the wrapping. For this, you can use colourful beads, crystals, sequins, pearl chains or other colourful stones. Decorate the bangle nicely and maintain some gap between the stones or whatever decorative item you are using so that the bangle. Make sure the bangle does not look cluttered. You can use white crystals on red and yellow threads, as white goes perfectly with teal and purple, etc.

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Few things to keep in mind

  • Start wrapping from the inner part of the bangle, apply glue on the inside part first and then start rolling the thread around the bangle. Also, roll the silk threads tightly. If there remains any gap, the desired results will not be achieved. 
  • Let the bangle dry for some time and then stick the decorative pieces on it. If you are using a pearl chain as well as a stone chain then stick them one by one carefully on the circumference and also if you are making any sort of design then choose a base thread (any colour) and on that use colourful threads to create your artistic design.
  • Cut any extra strands of thread with scissors to make it look neat.

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