Comics Books For Young Reader: Top Picks For Kids Who Are Curious About Superheroes


There are many comics books for young reader into superheroes. Read on to know more about our picks for young adults are curious about the genre

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comics books for young reader

The superhero genre has always been a fan favourite among young minds. Children often are inclined towards heroes whom they can look up to. Over the years, the superhero genre has grown drastically. This has opened an outlet for several new fans who are interested in the superhero universe and wish to know more about their heroes or the genre in specific. Hence, here are a few books one could read to get started with the superhero genre.

Comic books for young readers curious about the superhero universe

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5-Minute Marvel Stories

The 5-Minute series by Marvel is an amazing way to get young ones to develop the habit of reading. The stories are short and immersive which add to the perfect experience for new readers. There are 12 stories in each book which feature superheroes like Spider-Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther and Captain Marvel. The illustrations are fun and not too demanding for the young fans getting into the superhero genre.

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DC Super Heroes Little Library

These set of comics come in a slipcase which adds for a good collection. This set comes with 10 books featuring tales of mostly all the major DC heroes. The set also has various collections of letters and numbers and several such activities which would make young fans indulgent with the series as they go about reading.

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Even Superheroes Make Mistakes

The title of the book itself informs the reader of what they are getting into. Written by Shelly Becker, the book talks about how even superheroes, people we idolise, make mistakes and that is fine. However, they do not lose their composure when things go wrong, but find a way to fix the situation and keep trying until they succeed to save the day.

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