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Stephen King Wishes They Weren't Living In The "Stephen King World"

Stephen King talks about how people are calling the current scenario a part of the "Stephen King world" and how he wishes that wasn't the case. Read ahead.

Stephen King

Stephen King recently spoke to a news daily about how people are telling him that they are currently living in a "Stephen King world". Stephen King also spoke about how he wished things were different. He was of the opinion that all of it was just waiting to happen.

Stephen King wishes this isn’t the “Stephen King world”

Stephen King recently spoke to an international daily (from home) about how people have been calling this world a Stephen King world. Stephen King is one of the most renowned authors in the horror genre. His writing has been described as gruesome and raw by most of his readers, which is why he is also called the 'King of Horror'.

In the interview, he mentioned that since the last few weeks, people have been telling him that they are living in the Stephen King world lately. The reference was being made by his fans, keeping in mind the current COVID-19 crisis. Stephen King, however, said he wished this wasn't true. He spoke about his famous book called The Stand, which featured a pandemic that wiped out most of the human population. Stephen King also said that he was thankful that the current pandemic is not as bad as the one that he had written about in his book in 1979. He also said that a Coronavirus kind of situation was just waiting to happen and that the unpreparedness of the people still mystifies him.

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Release date of ‘If He Bleeds’ changed

The release of Stephen King's book If He Bleeds has been scheduled at an earlier date owing to the current situation where everyone has been taking up self-isolation as a preventive measure against COVID 19. Stephen King spoke about the release and said that all of it happened on the fly. He said the publishers decided to move up the release date by a couple of weeks but he is not sure if enough copies will be available. Stephen King also spoke about the upcoming John Grisham book and expresses his wish to talk to the publisher about a double feature as both their books are expected to release on the same day.

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