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13 Ways In Which This COVID-19 Lockdown Is Helping Us Re-live The Good Old Days

Feels like COVID-19 lockdown has conveyed us back to the good old childhood days that you certainly not thought would return. Here are those old days back, See

covid-19 lockdown

We would have never imagined that one day we will be forced to stay inside our home. It has been a couple of weeks since the lockdown owing to the coronavirus outbreak. There are so many regular things that we are not allowed to do or go out. But if we think on the positive side, the COVID-19 lockdown has come with an eccentric side-effect that is not only making us adopt some new habits but also, bringing us closer to our family members and other people more than ever.

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It feels like those days when the family time was more exciting and important then chilling out with friends in pubs when watching TV shows with family in the living room together was more entertaining than the ‘Netflix and chill’ in our respective rooms, when we were happy sharing jokes and enjoying little moments rather than dealing with anxiety and depression in isolation. So, if we try to focus on the positive side of this COVID-19 lockdown, it is giving us an opportunity to find some peace and harmony and revive the old memories that are somewhat missing from us. So, let’s look at the positive changes that this COVID-19 lockdown has brought in our lives-

Here is a list of some 13 things that have brought the good-old-days back-

  • Family mealtime and dinner table gossips and conversations are back. Now it’s more family time where we are strengthening our bonds.
  • As it is our home sweet home and the maids are also on leave, doing all the household chores is everyone’s responsibility now. It shows how we can complete our work by helping each other at work.
  • It is time that we laugh more, talk more and get less offended, while understanding our family better.
  • As, now one cannot go out, and there are no more street food options left, we are eating more "Ghar Ka Khana" rather than junk food.

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  • We are reliving our childhood memories by playing those board games like, Carrom, Snake and Ladder, Ludo and other
  • The classic TV shows are now back on Television and we all sit with our family and enjoy watching them together. Doordarshan has brought the golden era of TV back with classic shows like Ramayan, Mahabharat, and Shaktiman, which most of us used to sit together and watch in the old ‘90s.
  • Now some small happiness like cooking together and eating is back. As you cannot order food online, families are experimenting with different food recipes at home and flaunting their cooking skills.
  • Dancing parties and Antakshari’s are happening at home with family and not in clubs and pubs. So, no one has to wait for this lockdown time to get over for having fun.
  • Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, going out of your house to smoke is not possible. And because of that some of us have even quit smoking now, mainly people who had this habit as a secret. So, this lockdown has brought a massive cut down on cigarettes consumption.

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  • People who love animals and have pets at home are keen to spend some quality time with them and grooming them at home.
  • You are back to your exercise regime and look after your skin, health, and diet properly. Love for nature has increased as we try to spend more time in fresh. Since the number of vehicles are also less on the road, the air is less polluted.
  • You have got a good chance to adopt a new habit and learn new things.
  • Finally, you have more time to spend with yourself and your opinions and thoughts. This COVID-19 lockdown time can be used to self-introspect.

So don’t you feel that you have been conveyed back to the good old childhood days that you certainly not thought would return? If you feel we have missed out on something, please share it in the comment section.

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