DIY Workdesk Organiser: Here Are Effective Tips To Organise Your Desk


You probably spend more than nine hours a day at your office desk, so cleaning your space should be a priority. It will surely help you boost your productivity.

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DIY workdesk organiser

Office desk reflects our attitude towards work. It also sets the tone for the day. Here are a few ideas which will help you organise your desk properly. But before arranging everything, start from removing everything from your desk and clean it with a tissue paper or the table cloth cleaner. Organising office desk comes after cleaning the desk area.

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Get rid of everything that you don't want

Right from papers, to empty pens and even some knick-knacks that you don't use anymore, throw it in the dustbin. Put the papers at a place from where they can be recycled. If you have the habit of eating chips or little snacks, don't keep the wrapper lying around. Throw it in the dustbin after you are done with it. For papers that are lying around, get a tray to keep them organised.

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Organising stationery

Your office stationery will most probably be pens, magnets, sticky notes, headphones, extra folders, pins, clips, markers, notepads, and other knick-knacks. If you have space, keep a small tray where you can keep these items neatly stacked in. If not, arrange it in a line at your desk. Get a penholder to keep pens.

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Look out for the wires

If you have a laptop, the problem is not as much as when you are working on a computer. Start from scratch. First, unplug all the cables. Then collect and tie it together. If you can, tuck a power strip on the floor or at the side of the table using an adhesive strip.

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Spice up your desk

Office desk need not be boring. Adding plants in your working area increase productivity. Bringing the nature inside can improve your mood. If you are not very keen on watering the plants every day, then opt for plants that don't require watering. You can pin up 1-2 pictures on the board, or frame it and keep on the desk. Make sure you don't overdo with the pictures.

A cleaner workstation communicates professionalism and reduces stress. It also helps you remember important tasks and saves time. A cleaner desk also enhances creativity and boosts mood. Hence, it is imperative to keep desks clean while you are at work.

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