Fun Ideas To Indulge In While Spending Some Quality Time With Your Siblings


A sibling is one's best friend within the family. No matter how much we fight, we can't live without them. Check some cool ideas to spend quality time with them

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Siblings are those whom we love dearly but pretend to hate them when they make our lives difficult with their notorious behaviour and annoying habits. The sibling bond is synonymous with words like I'll Kill You, don't tell mom, and okay, what do you want?. They make our life colourful with tons of bittersweet memories. Take a look at some activities you can do in the company of your sibling at home.

Ideas to spend a fun time at home with your sibling

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1. The catchy catch:

As much as this game sounds hysterical, it is amidst one of the most played games on planet earth. Cathy-catch is one such game that every other sibling must have played during their childhood,  be it with a ball, pillow or any random object. So why not reminisce those sweet memories again by playing catchy-cath at home, probably standing on different sofas. 

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2. Card & video games:

Indulging into the world of video games with your sibling can be super fun. There’s nothing more satisfying than defeating your younger sibling in a race. Another option is playing card games like UNO, war, split etc. WWE card game is a rage amongst youngsters in which whosoever gets wrestler cards with highest ranks wins. This is indeed a great card game you can play with your sibling.

3. Play a board game:

A board game is always fun, especially with your sibling, as you get an opportunity to irritate them in the cutest manner. Don’t we all love that frowning face of our sibling while playing the game? You can play monopoly, business, dumb charades, guess the missing letter, shape and guess amidst zillions of board game options with your beloved siblings.

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4. Watch a movie:

Planning a movie with siblings? Sounds a little odd, right! Usually when you think of siblings, pillow fights and different other ways to irritate them come to your mind. However, watching a movie is a good way to spend some time bonding with your sibling. Films that highlight the bond between siblings can be a good pick.

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5. Cook together:

Sounds horrifying, right? Cooking your favourite dish can be quite fun. But doing the same with your notorious sibling can be quite a task. So its best to divide dishes between the two of you, and whoever cooks the better meal, will have to reward the other with an ice-cream treat. 

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