Self Defense Moves Every Woman Needs To Know To Protect Herself At Any Point


It is very important for every woman to learn how to protect herself from any forceful activity. Here are a few self-defense moves that every woman should learn

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Nearly every woman has experienced sexual and physical abuse at some point in her life, on different scales. Every day, we learn through news about how women in India being subjected to sexual harassment. However, if you find yourself in such a situation next, it is important that you be mentally and physically able to take care of yourself. Self-defence is most important, especially in today's times. It is advisable to prepare for any tricky situation. Here are a few ways to defend yourself:

Self-defence tips every woman should know

Hammer strikes:

  • One of the best ways to defend yourself is to use your car keys. Instead, if you feel unsafe while walking at night, have your keys stick out for hammer strikes from one side of your fist.
  • Another way to use your keys is to click them on your attacker's lanyard to swing. Hold your keyring in a tight fist, like holding a hammer, with keys stretching from your hand side and thrust down to your goal.
  • Tip: Do not use your fingernails as you are at greater risk of injuring your hands.

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Groin kick:

If someone comes to you from the front, a groin kick can provide enough force to paralyze your attacker and make it possible for you to escape.

  • Stabilize as best you can.
  • Liftoff your dominant leg and start driving your knee upwards.
  • Extend your dominant leg, drive hips forward, lean back slightly, and kick vigorously, making contact with the groin area of the attacker between your lower shin.

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Heel palm strike

This action can cause nose or throat damage. Get as much as possible in front of the attacker to execute.

  • Flex your wrist with your dominant hand.
  • Obtain either the nose of the attacker, jabbing up from the nostrils, or under the chin of the attacker, jabbing at the throat.
  • Make sure your strike is recovered. Rapidly pulling the arm back will help push the head up and back of the attacker.
  • This will cause your attacker to stumble backward, allowing you to escape their grip.

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Escape from a' bear hug attack'

You'll want to use this move-in situation where the attacker is approaching from behind. Focus on getting low and making room for yourself to be safe.

  • Bend the waist forward. This will shift your weight forward, making it harder for your attacker to pick you up. It also gives you a better angle from side to side to throw elbows to the face of the attacker.
  • Switch with one of your elbows into the attacker and start counterattacking.
  • This should give you plenty of room to turn, using another manoeuvre to damage the face or hit the groin. You may be able to escape and run away with the room that these movements have created.

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