Wedding Games That Will Make Sure That Your Guests Are Always Having Fun!


Take a look at wedding games and the ideas for Indian bridal mehndi games, sangeet games that will ensure that your guests are having a fun time at your wedding

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Wedding games

While one is in the midst of your wedding ceremonies the one thing they wouldn't want to be worried about is ensuring whether your guests are having a good time while you are having a moment during your matrimonial rituals. Here are some wedding activities planning tips that will surely entertain guests and the bridegroom's family during the wedding celebrations. 

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Who is most likely to

In this game, the guests are given a sort of placards or paddleboards with either the bride and the groom's face or name printed on it. The guests would be asked questions about the bride and groom and for the answers, the guests would raise their placards with the respective names answering to 'Who is most likely to'. 

Musical chairs

It is one of the common wedding games played in India and even though its a classic birthday game, one can easily play it to entertain their guests. The music starts, people start walking around the lined up chairs and they need to sit in a chair as soon as the music stops. This game makes it special as all ages can play this game and the winner then gets the prize.

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Giant Twister

Giant Twister serves as one of the budget-friendly wedding games one can play at the wedding. This game will likely be more liked by the youth as compared to the elders though. Basically the when the music stops the host calls out the colour along with the hand or feet. Everyone playing the game is supposed to touch the colour with that specific limb and when there are so many players on board the game is likely to become edgy. 

Cricket match

Indian wedding games have the speciality that could be enjoyed without investing much money. Playing cricket between the bride and groom teams is one such game that would be memorable and no one would even forget it. This wedding game has gained special attention after Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were seen playing this game on their mehndi day. 

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Another wedding game that could show which team is the mightest is the tug of war game. It is easy, it is affordable, and sure gives a lot of adrenaline to make it a memorable wedding activity. 

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