10 Best Deo For Men In India Right Now To Combat Sweat & Body Odour


Get the best deo for men in India. Deo for men is stronger if we compare deodorant vs perfume as perfume only masks the odour while Deodorants for men contain antiperspirant which helps reduce sweating and eliminate body odour for longer periods.

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The scent of the best deodorants (deos) can last for a fairly long time. Some brands claim that their deos last 24 to 48 hours. However, you should not have to use a deo very frequently throughout the course of your day. One application should be enough. The best deos for men in India work well to restrict odor and sweat even in hot environments. 
The best deo for men will not leave any white marks when sprayed. It will dry quickly and smell appealing and pleasant, instead of overwhelming. The best deo for men in India will help kill bacteria, make you feel fresh, and be your saviour during humid days. In addition to this, deos have many other uses as well, such as taming frizzy hair, preventing blisters, soothing bug bites, and the like. 
You must understand the difference between a deodorant vs perfume. A perfume can only mask your body smell, whereas a deo can help eliminate it and prevent further odor. Therefore, in a comparison between a deodorant vs perfume, a deo always wins. 

Following is a list of the best deos for men in India with price to help you choose the best brand.

1.    Park Avenue Horizon Deodorant Spray for Men

This brand offers a refreshing fragrance that can keep you fresh throughout the day. The oceanic and airy smell is good for use in the summers. Moreover, the musky and woody notes of this best deo for men make sit suitable for daytime use as well. The price of this product is INR 199.

2.    Wild Stone Deodorants

This is the best deo for men in India who sweat a lot. The active ingredient is triclosan, which ensures long-lasting fragrance and acts as an anti-bacterial agent. This is undoubtedly a good deo to help kill bacteria, which cause body odour. The price of this product is INR 199.

3.    Denver Hamilton and Pride Men’s Deodorant Spray

In a list of best deos for men in India with price, this brand cannot be excluded. This is the best deo for men for everyday use. It provides a great scent. It is made up of less gas as compared to other deos. Therefore, it lasts longer. The price of this product is INR 199.

4.    Set Wet Mischief and Swag Avatar Deodorant Spray for Men

With Ranveer Singh’s endorsement of this brand, it has become very popular in recent times. The scent of this deo is strong, but not overpowering. It is intense and settles down to sooth your senses. Many of the deos from this brand have a spicy scent blended with woody fruit notes. The price of this product is INR 180.

5.    Axe Signature Champion Body Perfume Deodorant Spray

This is one of the most popular brands for best deos for men, which has lavish advertisements and an engaging and distinct scent. The scent does not fade away quickly. Moreover, the scent is exotic, with the invigorating freshness of basil, citrus, and lavender notes. The scent is very masculine as well and ideal for cold winters. The price of this product is INR 250.

6.    Axe Dark Temptation Deodorant Spray for Men

This deodorizing spray offers an undeniable chocolate fragrance that controls your body odor all day long. It makes you feel fresh throughout the day.  The price of this best deo for men is INR 195.

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7.    Fogg Fresh Spicy Body Spray for Men

In case you are deciding between deodorant vs perfume, you can opt for this deo, which is something in between. This deo is not gas-based. The liquid scent is good and offers a mix of woody and spicy notes. It is invigorating and captivating. The price of this product is INR 199.

8.    Nike Fission Deodorant Spray

This is a high-performance all-over deo body spray. It offers odor protection for 24 hours and helps fight heavy sweating. However, this product is not easily found in offline shops, so you may have to purchase it from an online portal. The price of this product is INR 249.

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9.    Lomani El Paso Deodorant

This best-selling brand cannot be left out in a list of best deos for men in India with price. This deo has an aromatic ‘Fougere’ fragrance for men, with notes of lemon, bergamot, eucalyptus, and thyme. The middle notes consist of nutmeg and lavender. The base notes are made of ambergris, musk, and sandalwood. This spicy warm deo costs INR 250.

10.    Old Spice Fresh Deodorant Spray

This is a classic deo with an exhilarating and clean scent. This brand, which makes aftershaves for men, is loved across the world. The deo provides an unbelievable feeling of freshness that stays with you all day long. The price of this product is INR 199.
If you are confused between deodorant vs perfume, you should know that perfumes lack the capabilities and longevity of deos. You can select any brand from the above list of the best deos for men in India with price and enjoy the long-lasting freshness. Make sure that the deo you choose is within your budget, offers you the scent you like, and provides adequate body odor protection to get you through the day.

Note: Prices given were at the time of publishing.


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