Wardrobe Essentials: List Of Five Pairs Of Heels All Women Must Have


Wardrobe Essentials - Heels are always a girl's best friend. There are always a few classics pairs one must own. Here are five heels everyone must-have.

Written By Shweta Patokar | Mumbai | Updated On:
Wardrobe essentials

A woman’s biggest nightmare is not owning the right pair of footwear. No girl has ever said that she has too many shoes because let’s face it, shoes are never enough. There is always going to be a pair one wants to own. But talking about practicality, no one can possibly own all the pairs in the world! However, mentioned below is a list of essential heels that are a must-have in your wardrobe.

Here is a list of must-have Heels in one’s wardrobe 

Classic Black Pumps 

Just like the little black dress, a pair of black heels is a must-have. Believe it or not, black pumps go with any and all kinds of outfits. From traditional to casual to formals, black heels can be the ultimate go-to footwear for all. Not owning a pair of these is a sin in the book of heels.  

Nude Heels 

Nude heels make one’s legs look longer and, in turn, makes one look taller. They go with just about everything in one’s wardrobe. They are the perfect choice for every dark coloured outfit.  

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A Metallic Pair 

All that glitters may not be gold, but a pair of metallic heels are wardrobe-essentials. These fancy statements heels will make sure that you grab the spotlight everywhere you go. These will easily spice-up even the most casual outfits. Go for the basic gold or silver-toned heels.  


Owning a pair of wedges, preferably in neutral shades, is a necessity. They perfectly compliment all the outfit pieces like skirts, shorts, dresses, and even maxi-dresses. Wedges are the ultimate go-to for beach parties.  

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Animal Print 

Another must-have is a pair of bold animal prints or exotic skin heels. These will make one feel empowered every time they walk out wearing them.  Adding a dose of boldness to one’s simple outfit, this pair will become the talk of the town. Next time you are out shopping, just grab a pair for your wardrobe.  

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