Cleansing Oil Should Be Your Go To Makeup Remover This Winter; Here's Why


Cleansing oil has innumerable benefits on your skin, from removing dirt to giving it a smooth and flawless touch. Here are its 4 benefits as a makeup remover.

Written By Vageesha Taluja | Mumbai | Updated On:
Cleansing oil

Cleansing oil is a total game-changer for every skin type. During winters, face washes and soaps make your skin rough and dry. It might seem unusual to discuss removing makeup with cleansing oil. However, it has several benefits without the side effects of harsh preservatives and chemicals that strip off the skin’s natural oil. Switching to cleansing oil has its own advantages. It makes your skin plump and softer making makeup removal easy.

Here are the four best benefits of using cleansing oil for removing makeup

1.      Deep Cleanse

Besides removing smudged makeup, cleansing oil also helps in deep cleansing your skin. It makes your skin get rid of dirt, impurities, dead skin cells and bacteria. Cleansing oil, when applied on the skin, sticks to the dirt and pull it out. Therefore, even the stubborn kohl and waterproof lip shades are victims to the purifying effects of cleansing oil.

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2.      Unforgettable aroma

Cleansing oils usually have a magnetic fragrance that uplifts your mood and has a soothing effect. Besides its incredible skin benefits, it is prepared with the natural ingredients that relax you. From watermelon, strawberry, lemon to vivid plant oil, cleansing oil has all things good.

3.      Gives glowing skin

Besides its scent, cleansing oil gives a glowing skin. It moisturises your skin, makes it bright and gives it a healthy glow. Cleansing oil pampers your skin by vanishing the side-effects of pollution, chemical-based makeup, dead skin and dirt. It makes your skin look young and fresh.

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4.      Helps to regulate the oil production

Using excessive face and body washes rip off the essential oils that your skin need. It not only helps regulate oil production but also gives the sense of a facial session. It removes stickiness and layers of makeup that clog your pores regularly. It dissolves the waterproof mascara and eyeliner to make your eyes look awake.

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