Daith Piercing 101: Here’s How You Can Get A Daith Piercing


Daith piercing has become the new trend of 2019 and people are obsessed with how pretty it looks. Read more to know about daith piercings and how to get them.

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Daith piercings have become the new trend of 2019 and people are obsessed with how aesthetically pleasing it looks. It falls under the curated ear trend. But many do not know the meaning of Daith piercings. Daith piercings are done in the innermost fold of your ear cartilage, slightly above your ear canal. Other than the fact that they look incredibly pretty, daith piercings are also anecdotally known to relieve migraines. This is by activating a pressure point in the ear.

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Daith piercings and migraines

Daith piercings are certainly not for everyone though. Everyone’s earlobes are quite unique. If you have smaller cartilage, the less likely you’ll be able to get it pierced. For migraines, it is best to choose that side of the head where the pain feels more prominent and get that side pierced. If your migraines aren't specific to one side, pierce the ear that you don't sleep on. This will make the healing process easier.

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How much pain does it inflict?

The pain you suffer from when you get daith piercings is different from what others might feel. What might be unbearable for you, might be perfectly okay with anyone else. Although it is more painful than the lobes, daith piercings are similar to upper cartilage piercing (your helix). You shouldn't expect any prolonged irritation or soreness, so long as you take care of it properly. 

Cost and healing of daith piercings 

The price of daith piercings depends on various factors. Where you go to get pierced and what jewellery you’re going for also matters. Remember that piercing is getting a hole in your body, so it is smarter to choose a good place to go to. If you’re only getting this for your migraine, it is wiser to look for other options. If you want a curated ear, go for daith. 

Every ear is unique and everyone heals at different times. So expect daith piercing to fully heal in around six to eight months. There will be times when your ear might not be feeling sensitive but that does not mean you should stop cleaning it regularly. Make sure you're gently cleaning your daith piercing two times a day with a saline solution or an unscented soap. 

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