Face Contouring 101: Follow These Basic Tips To Contour Your Face


Getting a perfect look is difficult without learning the basics of make-up; contouring is one of the important parts of makeup

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face contouring 101

With contouring, you will achieve a perfect appearance. Make-up is a great art, and it can change a person’s appearance totally. Essentially, contouring is done to create hollows on the face that seem to lend it a sculpted appearance. Contouring perfectly blends with your skin tone and makes the person look their best. Contouring can make your face look slimmer with the help of makeup. Follow these basic steps below and get your perfect make-up look ready.

Easy and simple face contouring tips to follow: Beauty basics 

The biggest mistake that people are doing is choosing the wrong shade. You should always pick a shade slightly darker than your skin tone. People usually go for just a brown shade, but go for a shade, which is just slightly darker than your tone. If you choose a shade that's too dark, then it will make it look like you have some dirt on your face. So, be wise and choose the right shade. This is one of the important steps to follow.

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  • The first step is to learn where the contouring is applied on your face. It is very important to know where exactly to contour for a perfect look, as it makes it look unfinished and wrong. If applying makeup, know all the basics as you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself.
  • Places to contour: The crevices of the cheeks ', the jawline, double chin, the nose sides, and the head of your face are the ideal parts of your face to start contouring.  
  • Take a small amount of powder on your brush; make a fish face, and start applying the contour powder with inner strokes.
  • After applying, blend in really well to give the face a natural look, apply to the areas with light strokes. If you want more shade on the cheeks, adopt the same light hand application.

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