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Henna Oil Recipe For Healthy And Dandruff-free Hair

Henna oil recipe that you can follow in order to make hair oil for healthy and dandruff-free hair. Have a look at the recipe with the details here. Read.

henna oil

Hair fall, dandruff, and unhealthy hair are all commonly seen issues in the current generation. This could be caused either because of stress or because of low quality bathing water. There are a few ways in which you can make sure the nourishment that your hair has lost over time is regained. What most people are unaware of is that henna oil effectively helps in dealing with issues related to the health of your hair. Here is how you can make some of it at home.

DIY method to create henna oil at home

Ingredients to add

  • Henna leaves
  • Coconut oil

Method of preparation

Take a few fresh henna leaves and crush them together to make a smooth paste. Make sure the consistency of the paste is thick enough just like the paste available in mehendi cones. The crushing has to be proper with only a small quantity of water. A few drops will help. Once the henna paste is done, let it cool off for a while and then make small balls out of the paste. Let the water in the balls dry off for some time while you simultaneously heat a pan and add coconut oil to it in such a way that the henna balls sink in the oil when added to it. Take the henna balls and add them to the pan and let it boil. You have to let it cook until the oil turns brown in colour, letting the two ingredients mix well with each other. Take it off the stove and leave it untouched to cool off. You might want to keep the mixture overnight so that the blend is proper. Take oil out the next and pour it into an airtight container made of glass. Your oil is ready to be used and will work wonders.

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Benefits of henna oil

  • Henna oil will reduce the daily hair fall that happens due to unhealthy hair
  • It will help you get rid of dandruff and scaly scalp
  • You will gain a natural shine which will last a long time
  • The strength of each strand of hair will also improve.

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