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How To Style A White Tee? Here Are A Few Tips From An Expert

Wondering how to style a white tee? Here are a few quick and useful tips by an expert on how to style a white T-shirt in an effective manner for your outings.

how to style a white tee

There is nothing as quintessential as a white T-shirt for a casual look. Evolving out of just casual, a white T-shirt is your one-stop style choice to do a complete circle around the fashion circuit. Irrespective of the season, occasion and time of the day, a classic white-Twhen paired correctly, can transform your personality from morning to night.

It is not only reliable as a fashion garment, but also a timeless indispensable wardrobe staple of the week. A definite time-saver for those who do not like to overthink their ensembles. Although a white t-shirt and blue jeans are the go-to style pairing, Yogesh Kabra, Founder of XYXX lists more options to try.

Easy and Amazing tips to style a white t-shirt

Bomb It Up With Tennis Shoes

If casual could be sexy - this would be the look that would define it. A very cutting out style that looks simple is understated and yet lends a dash of sophistication and effortless style to anyone who is pairing these accurately. A white t-shirt with a pair of light or dark denim, white shoes and a bomber jacket - in tan or olive shade, can really take it up a notch. A smooth look that you can transition from day to night - whether its a brunch or casual day at work to clubbing at night. It is a multi-functional and multi-occasional outfit and we swear by it!

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The Formal Trio

This effortlessly formal meets elegant style is for the archetypal young man whose weekends have to be spent at a formal family gathering or at some sombre event. Chinos or Khakis with tassel loafers and a casual light or linen blazer adds the right touch of sophistication while making a balanced statement. A white t-shirt definitely amps up the formal attire. 

Ripped Look For The Biker Charm

Remember the monochromatic trend? Bringing that simple trend into your wardrobe and adding that required zing is this classic pairing of a black leather jacket with ripped black jeans and your white tee! Casual, Classic, and Original; nothing can sum up this look more easily than this dapper combo.

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The Cool Nerd

An easy walk around the town or a quick coffee shop date, the sneakers pairing with the white T-shirt and a scarf around the neck is one of the easiest looks and styles to pull. You can accentuate it with a knotted or printed scarf to suit your style and comfort. Pair this look with sneakers or kicks in red or blue that can be a colour-block if you’re sporting a monochrome outfit. This can be your go-to look for the cooler season as it will keep you warm and stylish. Heads up: Keep the scarf and kicks in the same or contrast colour!

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