Here's All You Need To Know About The Dele Alli’s Hand Challenge


The challenge which is inspired by English professional footballer Dele Alli represents the hand move done by the footballer after he scored a goal.

Written By Diyali Banerjee | Mumbai | Updated On:
Source: Instagram

Users across social media platforms that have earlier platformed several internet challenges are now faced with yet another challenge, 'Dele Alli’s hand challenge'. The challenge which is inspired by English professional footballer Dele Alli represents the hand move done by the footballer after he scored a goal. The challenge went viral after Alli, the player of the England national team, on August 12 uploaded a picture of himself doing the hand move on Instagram. 

The post that received 1.2 million likes and recorded over 22,000 comments. 



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The hand challenge that came up in two phases, involved an initial challenge where one just needed to twist the finger, make only one circle using the index finger and thumb, and cover only an eye. However, the second challenge thrown by the sports star in his Instagram story seemed to be pretty complicated. It requires one to make two circles using one hand and four fingers -- covering both the eyes like a pair of spectacles. Netizens across social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are trying a hand at this challenge.

(Source: Instagram)

The incredible gesture evolved after Alli scored a goal against Newcastle and marked a 2-1 victory for his team. Since then, a lot of netizens have uploaded their versions of Dele Alli challenge online. They are trying to replicate the sports icon's hand moves.

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Here's how netizens replicated the hand gesture and participated in the challenge:

The recent challenge requires immense hand flexibility. The challenge has garnered popularity to such a great extent that the internet now has tutorials for the move.

This is not the first time a challenge has become an internet sensation. Earlier, American rapper Drake's 'in my feelings' challenge aka 'Kiki Challenge' went viral. The challenge, needed one to get out of a moving car and dance to the initial lines of the American rapper's latest 'In my feelings' song. The challenge reportedly also resulted in accidents as several people were injured while executing the challenge. 

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