Incredible And Unusual Professions That You Might Not Know Exist


Not all jobs need you to sit in front of the computer and work. There are a lot of professions that pay you to do what you consider as your hobby. Hear, hear!

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Not all jobs need you to sit in front of the computer and work. There are a lot of professions that pay you to do what you consider as your hobby. Sounds interesting right? Check out some incredible and unusual professions that you might have never known existed. 

Professional Cuddlers

Yes, cuddling is a profession too! There are people who took up the same as their full-time job. A professional cuddler charges around some Rs. 5,000 for an hour to cuddle up to strangers and help them relax after a long day.  

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Netflix Tagger

Watching Netflix all day is also a full-time job and it can earn you up to several hundred dollars a week. All one needs to do in this job is to watch Netflix shows all day and write a key description for each show.

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Bridesmaid For Hire

Being a bridesmaid can earn you thousands of dollars, who knew, right? A bridesmaid for hire not only attends your wedding but acts as a personal assistant to the bride and a general problem solver so that other bridesmaids and family members can enjoy their day. Professional bridesmaids can earn thousands of dollars for each wedding.

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Golf Ball Diver

Yes, Golf ball diver is also a profession. It needs one to dive down the water body and get back the ball. As per media reports, divers can reportedly collect around 4,000 balls and get paid around some 24,24,675.00 Indian Rupees for the same. 

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Video Game Tester

Getting paid to play the latest video games seems ludicrous, but it’s actually a reality for some professional gamers. They play a video game before it is launched in the market to detect if it has any glitches. A professional gamer can demand up to Rs. 42,61,550.00 in Indian currency. 

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Yes, pretending to be a mermaid and sitting on the rocks beside a waterbody is also a job one can get paid for. All one needs to know to do the job is swimming and would be trained to swim legs joint donning a mermaid costume. The job profile needs you to look exquisite enough to woo the visitors. 

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Luxury Bed Tester

'Getting paid for sleeping'- the oxymoronic statement is a dream come true indeed, but it is, in fact, an actual job. Mattress companies hire experts to monitor the sleep quality and patterns of the tester while they trial different mattresses. This job can earn you up to 51,43,250.00 Indian Rupee a year.

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