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Louis Vuitton Announces New £750 COVID Face Shields That Also Double As Caps

French Fashion House Louis Vuitton just unveiled their new COVID face shield that can also double as a cap. This new product will cost a whopping £750

Louis Vuitton

Besides fashion and quality, Louis Vuitton is also known for its exorbitant price tags. The brand recently released a new face shield to join in on the trend of fashionable face masks for the COVID-19 pandemic. This new Louis Vuitton face shield costs around £750 and is even engraved with golden studs at the edges. Moreover, the photochromatic visor of the face shield turns dark whenever it is exposed to sunlight. But perhaps the most unique quality of this face shield is that it can also double as a cap.

Louis Vuitton announces a new COVID-19 face shield that can also double as a cap

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Louis Vuitton's face shield

[Image Source: Louis Vuitton]

Above is the new Louis Vuitton face mask that was recently unveiled by the brand. This clear Louis Vuitton face shield cannot only be used to protect oneself from the COVID-19 virus, but it can also be raised over your head to become a clear cap. The clear visor turns dark whenever it is in sunlight. Moreover, the face shield also has gold studs which further adds to the face shield's high cost. Currently, this Louis Vuitton face mask/shield costs around £750. 

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These face shields will be available for purchase by next month, on October 30, 2020. Moreover, this face shield will also be monogrammed with the brand's iconic LV logo. Louis Vuitton describes this new face mask as an eye-catching headpiece that is both stylish and protective.

Louis Vuitton's face shield is not the only expensive product that is set to be released by the brand. Along with this COVID fashion face mask, Louis Vuitton also announced a new pair of denim jeans and a monogrammed jacket. The jacket is worth £2,010 while the denim jeans cost £1,210.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has started a new face mask fashion trend. As face masks have become a necessity, several big-name brands have tried to capitalize on the new COVID fashion trend. Even Kim Kardashian developed her own face mask product during the peak of the lockdown. Recently, Burberry also released its own face mask product that is reusable and protective. These masks are now available for purchase. 

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