Nail: From 'Round' To 'Oval' Take A Look At 5 Cool Nail Shapes You Must-Try


Nail art cannot be done on broken and brittle nails. To accentuate the colour of your nail paint and nail art design, check five nail shapes which you can try.

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Nail art or nail spa, both are exceptionally important for women who love to maintain and beautify their nails. Very often, one would see girls or women complaining about the dilemma in choosing a specific nail polish shade. However, the colour and design, one wish to opt for nail art, totally depends on the shape of the nails. Yes, it's true, some designs only suit a certain type of nail shape. There's a lot of creative stuff you can do with your nails. Take a look at the coolest nail shapes of all times-

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Different Types Of Nail Shapes:

Classic Round nails


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This nail shape is one of the most prefered types of nail shapes among women across the globe. It doesn't require much maintenance, and it is extremely convenient to do any sort of designs with it.  Moreover, all nail paint colours suit round nails.

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Oval Nails:


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Oval nail shape looks pretty when they are decorated with different shapes and elements. Matte nail paint looks stunning on women with long oval-shaped nails. This shape requires one to sharpen the outer edges of the nails a little, to give an oval shape. 

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Square-shaped nails


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Square shaped nails require one to flatten the tip of the nails seamlessly. You can flatten it with the help of a nail file or nail trimmer/cutter. This shape is best for working professionals, as it doesn't require much of your time. It also looks very chic when coated with neon nail paint. Additionally, it is also easier to type with square nails than any other nail shape. Glitter nail paint looks nice on such nails.

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Almost every nail paint shade looks amazing on ballerina shaped nails, due to its length. Ballerina nails require one to sharpen the edges of your nails, with a flat centre. Celebrities are often spotted at various events flaunting fascinating nail art on their ballerina shaped nails.

Triangle nails


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This nail shape is the most difficult to maintain in everyday life as it requires a lot of attention and care. One has to be careful at all time, in protecting the peak of the nail from breaking. Textured nail paint looks truly gorgeous on peculiarly triangle nails. 

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