Say Hola To 2019's First Bizarre Fashion Trend: Human-size Backpacks

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

2018 gave us some very bizarre fashion trends – and it looks like 2019 is set to be no different. It seems the latest fashion fad is giant, human-size backpacks.

The oversized bags — made by CWF — are getting a lot of hype in Japan and are on sale at Japanese retailer, Plywood. According to the brand, the rucksacks — named “Backpacker’s Closet” — are perfect for camping and ideal for the storage of clothes.

They even suggest using the backpacks as an alternative closet. The backpacks are available in three different colors: beige, olive and black.

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And while some people might end up using the backpack as a second closet – or for storage – the brand says they are actually designed to be used as a bag. At 3.5 pounds, a third, middle strap has been added to reduce stress on the back and shoulders.

There’s also padding for extra comfort. The backpacks have been hugely popular online — especially in the sandy beige color — which means they’re sadly sold out.

However, according to the website, they are set to be restocked.

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Earlier in 2018, fashion brand 'Fecal Matter' caused a stir online by announcing the release of new boots that look like human skin. As per media reports, a Canada based designer duo- Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran, has brought to market the footwear that came in several otherworldly designs like- individual toes, devil horns, and heels in the shape of bones.

They had launched boots that are of human feet colour and have extended horn-like structures added to it. The very eerie appearance of the boots had grabbed the attention of the customers. While some people found the structures 'disturbing', some have identified them as an amazing piece of work.

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