The Disappearing Prank Is The Internet's Latest Trend

Written By Diyali Banerjee | Mumbai | Published:


  • The internet has come up with a new prank where people pretend they can’t see the subject as the blanket is removed from over them.
  • A trend of fooling the pets became the internet sensation where a person stands behind a blanket and disappears as the blanket falls.

The internet has been a home for online challenges and viral videos. Recently in the past, a trend of fooling the pets became an internet trend where a person stands behind a blanket and disappears as the blanket falls. Adding a spin to the viral phenomena, the internet has come up with a new prank wherein one sits on a chair and is then covered with a blanket in order to make them disappear and when the blanket is removed people surrounding him pretend as if they can’t see them.

The new challenge turned out to be highly effective with children and has eventually gone viral on the internet on the internet for around two weeks. Netizens tried their hands on the same and uploaded the videos on social media. While some results turned out amazing, some major fails were also recorded. 

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Here take a look at some of the videos shared by the Twitter-verse:




However, netizens seem to have a divided opinion about the viral internet trend. While some Twitter users think the prank is fun-loaded, there are some who say the prank is not a good thing for the psyche of the child as most of the kids end up crying as they fall prey to the prank. They are of the opinion that the disappearing prank could have been fun if it is not dragged for too long, to the point where it can traumatise the child.

This prank went viral on the internet a couple of weeks back and several people have shared their version of the video on social media. In the recent past, social media platforms have staged several online challenges including the 'KiKi Challenge', the 'Baby Shark Challenge', the 'Snoot Challenge' and the 'Dele Alli Challenge' among others. 

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The 'Kiki Challenge' that tuned with Drake's famous 'In my feelings' song, required one to get out of a moving car and dance to the initial lines of the song. Again, the 'Dele Alli Challenge' was inspired by the English footballer's hand gesture as he scored a goal in one of the matches had also set the internet on fire. The challenge required one to make two circles using just four fingers of one hand covering both the eyes like a pair of spectacles. It became an instant hit, and people across the globe posted their attempts trying to replicate the same gesture.

That's not all, pets have also taken part in the internet challenges. The famous 'Snoot challenge' has taken over the internet for a while now. The challenge which requires the pet dogs to put their nose inside their owner's hands has gone viral on the internet. In fact, several people have tried the vanishing act from behind the blanket playing a prank on their pets too.