Tips To Whiten Teeth: Here Is How You Can Get Those Pearly Whites For Your Big Day


Brush your teeth two times a day to maintain the colour of your teeth. This is one of the best tips to whiten teeth and maintain them regularly. Know more here-

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tips to whiten teeth

It is essential to look presentable every time, and it is especially critical to look flawless on your 'big day'.The camera would be focusing on you and hence it is necessary that you have your pearly whites camera-ready to flaunt that beautiful smile. To achieve this feat, here are some tips to get those pearly whites ready-

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Tips to get those pearly white teeth on your big day

Invest in whitening strips

You can opt for some whitening strips at home and start using them to get that white, pearly smile. This can be actually a good first step before you start any other expensive treatments. If you have a minor discolouration then using whitening strips are the best tips for you.

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Use whitening toothpaste

You can also try using a whitening toothpaste to brush your teeth regularly. This can be a great treatment for some of the few months before your wedding day. Reportedly, it takes a minimum of 4 weeks to witness any difference in your teeth colour.

Start oil pulling

Oil pulling is comparatively an old remedy and also has a long-standing reputation for excellent results. The oil is swirled everywhere in the mouth for 15-20 minutes to remove the stains. It also helps in preventing gum diseases and removes decay. If it is your first time, try Coconut Oil, as it has the most palatable taste.

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Eat the right foods

It is a very perfect thing to do, to maintain your teeth colour. Stick to fruits and vegetables to get that pearly white shine to your teeth naturally. Apple, celery and carrots keep teeth strong and are natural stain removers while fruits like strawberries contain stain-removing enzymes. Avoid eating dairy products in high quantity as it decays your teeth and harms their shine.

Brush and floss

Brush your teeth regularly two times a day to maintain the colour of your teeth. This is actually the best tip to get that pearly white look for the big day. In fact, it is recommended that you maintain this habit regularly. Flossing is very important and an essential practice for whitening your teeth.

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