WATCH: This Jaw-Dropping Hand Swap Optical Illusion Challenge Is Going Viral On The Internet


In one of the latest internet trends, a mind-blowing hand-swap video uploaded by a Twitter user is going viral.

Written By Diyali Banerjee | Mumbai | Updated On:

Optical illusions are interesting and they have often managed to grab several eyeballs and made space on online platforms. In a recent instance, a woman’s hand swap optical illusion has left the netizens wondering. The video shared by Twitter user Chidera Kay on Tuesday, August 28, shows Kay's interlocked hands break free and swap in the blink of an eye. The jaw-dropping video went viral on the internet and has collected over 3.2 million views since it was posted online. Kay shared the video on Twitter throwing a challenge to the Internet saying, "Let’s see how far this goes".

Here's take a look at the video:

The hand-swapping challenge initially appears shocking and needs some attention and observation to figure out the trick. However, while some people were busy figuring out what exactly happened others immediately picked up the challenge and started sharing their version of the trick on the micro-blogging site.  

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Here's how they reacted to the video:




Here's the secret:

To execute the trick one needs to efficiently straighten the backhand and clinch the front hand into a fist, very swiftly. 

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As per reports, in an interview, Kay has revealed that she has not invented the trick, rather she copied a video she found on the internet. However, she said she had no idea that the video will trend on the internet. This is not the first time an internet challenge went viral. In the recent days, social media platforms have staged several internet challenges that became the internet's sensation. For example, the 'Kiki Challenge' was widely taken up by the netizens. The challenge that tuned with Drake's famous song 'In my feelings', required one to get out of a moving car and dance to the initial lines of the Canadian rapper's latest venture. Also, the England National Team's footballer Dele Alli’s hand challenge has also set the internet on fire. The challenge that is inspired by the hand gesture made by the English footballer as he scored a goal in one of the recent matches, requires one to make two circles using just four fingers of one hand covering both the eyes like a pair of spectacles. 

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