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Feed In-Braids: What Are Feed-in Braids And How To Perfect The Hairstyle?

Feed-in braids are one of the most trendy summer hairstyles. Check out how to do Feed-in braid hairstyles at home. Read on to know more about the hairstyle.

feed-in braids

Feed-in braids popularly known as cornrows are very much in style today. In feed-in braids, hair is braided very close to the scalp to form straight, continuous lines, just like cornrows. They get the name feed-in braids because the method of ‘feeding in’ thick pieces of hair is used to create this hairstyle. Though feed-in braids are usually worn in simple, straight rows as the name suggests, elaborate geometric or curvilinear designs have also become popular off late. They are also at times adorned with beads and shells. Here is a step by step guide on how to do feed-in braids at home.

How to do feed-in braids?

Parting your hair

Make a partition in the middle of your head. Use a rattail comb, place the end of the comb at the centre of your forehead and make a straight partition in the middle. Do not use the brush part of the comb as it might tangle your hair. Take one half of your hair and make even rows. It is usually divided into three sections, but you can choose to do more. Use a clip to keeps these sections separate and clip firmly. Repeat the same with the other half.

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Braiding your hair

Take a part of the section that is closest to your forehead and divide it into 3 parts. Start braiding your hair and keep adding a small section from each side into the braid. To make the cornrows prominent and to ensure that the brain remains closer to the scalp keep adding hair from the untouched part of the section every time you cross a section over.

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Adding extensions

If you wish to add hair extensions add them when you start with the cornrow. Take the smallest extension and fold it into the half with your thumb and index finger. Place on part in of the extension next to the centre strand of your natural hair and one part of the outside strand, this will help combine the extension with your natural hair.

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Finishing the braid

Make sure to smoothen the hair at the top of the head and that at the sides. Keep braiding all the way to the bottom of the hair. Once you have finished doing this to all the sections secure them with a hair elastic. Spray some hair spray to keep the feed-in braids in place.

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