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What Are The Uses Of Rose Water & How Can You Use It To Get Flawless Skin? Read Here

What are the uses of rose water and how to use it to get the maximum benefits? Take a look at some of the uses of rose water that you might not know.

What are the uses of rose water

Many research papers claim that rose water has amazing benefits for the skin. Beyond the basic beauty regime, there are also other rose water benefits that can be used for skincare at home. Rose water also has anti-ageing properties that reduce wrinkles. So if you have been wondering what are the uses of rose water, here are some of the rose water benefits for your skin.

How to use rose water for skin care at home

Oily Skin

In summers, the skin can get oiler than usual. It is claimed that rose water can help one deal with oily skin too. Just apply some rose water either directly or mix it with a face cream. This concoction is proved to be beneficial in keeping the skin moisturised.

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If you have a sunburn and you have been using expensive creams for it then it might be time for you switch to some natural. Many professionals vouch for rose water in treating sunburns. The process is simple, you just have to take cotton and apply rose water on the affected area.

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Dry rough hair

It is also important to take care of the skin under your hair. If you are dealing with dry hair, you can use a little bit of rose water on your hair. You can either use with your shampoo or apply 30 mins before applying shampoo. This mixture is said to make your hair smooth and glossy.

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Night Cream

It is said that the longer rose water stays on the skin, the more benefits you get from it. You can add a few drops of rose water to your night cream. Experts suggest trying this for three months to see and feel the change in one's skin.

Natural deodorant

Rose water is also used as a natural deodorant. You can sprinkle some amount of rose water on your clothes. While it would not last for long, will certainly give you a feeling of freshness.  

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