What Is Eyeball Tattooing? Harmful Effects And Benefits Of This Unusual Procedure


Eye tattoo is the permanent colouring of the white of the eye. As per reports, it is advised and is beneficial not to under the needle, read here to know.

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eye tattoo

Eyeball tattooing or sclera tattooing is a practice of colouring the sclera or white of the eye permanently. It is performed by injecting the ink with a needle underneath the top layer of the eye onto the sclera. The ink then slowly spreads to cover all the parts of the sclera. This procedure is carried out by only a few tattoo artists around the world. This procedure is permanent and is non-reversible.

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There are many risk factors that one must through for eyeball tattooing. Like other many other procedures, eyeball tattooing has its pros and cons. According to the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists, they consider eyeball tattooing a major risk procedure and recommended that it can only be performed by a doctor when medically indicated, for example, if a person has some specific eye abnormalities. RANZCO also advises not to go under the needle, as for them they view it as an enormously dangerous and also feel that it is an unnecessary procedure. There are several health risks associated with undergoing eyeball tattooing. They often range from mild risks such as a mild irritation of the eye to many severe risks such as blindness.

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As per reports, here is a list of possible side-effects of eyeball tattooing:

Damage to the eye, which can lead to blindness. As the sclera is less than one-millimetre-thick it could damage your eyes.

Retinal detachment, which may lead to an urgent medical condition that may leave the patient blind.

Endophthalmitis is an infection inside the eye that can also lead to blindness.

Sympathetic ophthalmia is an autoimmune inflammatory response that affects both the eyes and can also result in blindness.

Bleeding and infection at the injection sites.

There could also be a delay in the diagnosis of medical conditions as the actual colour of the sclera is hidden; for example, jaundice is known to be the first symptom for many diseases.

There could also be several reactions to the ink that is being used.

One could also be sensitive to light.

The could also be staining of the surrounding tissue due to ink migration in the eye.

However, the long term risks to the eyeball are still unknown. It is also very important to note that it is doubtful that the techniques that are used to remove skin tattoos could be used on the eyeball. Removal of an eyeball tattoo is likely to be impossible. Therefore, it would be beneficial not to opt for eyeball tattooing.

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