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How Do You Make Your Own Ripped Jeans? Here Are 3 Easy Ways For DIY Ripped Jeans

How do you make your own ripped jeans? We have got three easy and convenient techniques that might help you get the best DIY ripped jeans. Read more

How do you make your own ripped jeans

The widespread of Coronavirus has certainly forced every working industry to come to a sudden pause. The people have been forced to stay inside their houses to curb the spread of COVID-19. In order to pass time, people have been trying to be involved in some DIY activities.

Well, a number of people have been asking about DIY ways to make your denim look ripped. We have got the easiest and fastest ways to DIY ripped jeans during this quarantine. Read more to know about how do you make your own ripped jeans. 

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How do you make your own ripped jeans?

Big, threaded holes 

Ripped jeans

In order to cut your jeans with this method, you will just need a pair of scissors and tweezers. In order to make the pattern, start by cutting up some horizontal strips on your jeans. Each cut should be at least half an inch apart from each other. Then use the tweezers to pluck out all the blue threads from the cuts you’ve made. Make sure that you are removing the vertical threads and not the horizontal ones. Doing this will keep the white threads on the jeans intact. One can also use the jeans like this or even cut some of them up in order to make things a little messier and edgier. 

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Small, lived-in holes 

jeans with small holes

If you want your jeans to look more effortlessly lived-in, this technique is one of the best methods to rip open your jeans. The smaller holes look like they have naturally made their way into the pants with time. Doing thing might even get you the most natural and perfect ripped jeans. To do this, you need to mark a few patches on your jeans. Then you need to rub those spots with a piece of sandpaper in order to thin the layer of the fabric. This will also make holes in the denim and make the fabric softer than it already is. 

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Fray out the pockets and edges 

ripped jeans

In order to create frayed patches on your denim, you will just need a razor/blade. With the blade, you can easily scrape the area you want to fray out. Doing this will certainly give your denim a more rugged look. It is also considered that fraying is the easiest and fastest way to make your denim ripped. Just take a razor/blade and start scraping it on the part of denim you want to fray out. This then creates small gaps and the perfect base to complete the last step. Take a tweezer and try to make bigger and organised holes in your denim. Doing this will certainly help by giving the denim a dishevelled and artsy look. 

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