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Everything You Need To Know About National Unicorn Day & Ideas To Celebrate This Day

"How do we celebrate National Unicorn Day?" is a common question that arises in a lot of people's mind. Check out some fun ideas which you can implement

how do we celebrate national unicorn day

Every year, April 9 is celebrated as National Unicorn Day across the globe, which celebrates the mythological animal. A Unicorn is similar to a horse with a pointed horn that grows out from the centre of their forehead. Unicorns have been popular among the masses ever since ancient times. Previously considered to be powerful and fierce animals, Unicorns, in contemporary times, symbolise purity, love, magic, and enchantment. However, one common question that might arise in most of the people's mind is, "how do we celebrate National Unicorn Day?". Read to find out.

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All you need to know about National Unicorn Day's celebration

Unicorns have appeared in several movies and cartoon shows wherein they are portrayed as magical creatures. The fascination with unicorns has been observed in both adults and children in contemporary times. Not just shows or films, a lot of fantasy novels too are based on these mythical creatures like The Last Unicorn, The Unicorn Quest, and Uni The Unicorn to name a few.

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There are serval fun ways of celebrating National Unicorn Day. Some of the fun ideas which one can try this year are mentioned here:

  • The best way to celebrate this day is by baking a unicorn cake or some bright coloured pancakes or cupcakes by decorating them with multicoloured edible glitter or sprinkles.
  • One can also bake some unicorn-shaped cookies for themselves and their loved ones if they want to do something creative
  • Watching any movie based on unicorns can also be a great idea. Some of the movies based on these mythical creatures include I Believe in Unicorns, The Unicorn, and the Harry Potter series to name a few.
  • One can also sketch or paint a picture of a unicorn or write a fictional story about one.
  • For all the avid readers, they can read any of the above-mentioned novels featuring unicorns.

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