Bundi Festival: Dates, Venue, How To Reach? Find All Necessary Information Here


Bundi festival happens every year in the state of Rajasthan. Here are some major details about the famous cultural Rajasthani festival. Read more to know.

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Bundi Festival

Every year in the month of November-December, the Bundi Utsav comes to give joy to the Bundi town. The Bundi Utsav has everything for visitors to represent the cultural richness of the state of Rajasthan. Folk music and folk dance are the festival's central attractions. 

Dates, venue and many more details about Bundi festival

Bundi is a beautiful town. The Bundi Festival is one of the state's main events. This is the time when most people are attracted to the city. It celebrates different traditions, cultures, folk songs, and Rajasthan's folk dance. This festival's main purpose is to keep the culture alive so that many people can get to know their roots.

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The Bundi Utsav is a three-day celebration of Bundi's historical richness. The festival occurs every year in the month of November-December. The Bundi Utsav is celebrated in the conventional Hindu calendar's Kartik month. So, every year, the festival falls on different dates from November and December. From November 6, 2019, to November 8, 2019, were the dates this year.

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The festival is celebrated in Bundi, in the state of Rajasthan.

Events and sports: 

Bundi Utsav has different events like the traditional art forms mustache. In the Bundi Utsav, artists present folk music and dance forms of the area, showcasing traditional art forms. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of folk art styles. Fireworks, as well as the illumination of clay lamps and diyas, can be seen at various venues in the city.

Different sports events take place in the city as part of the Bundi Utsav. It includes a number of games like Kabaddi competition, horse riding, camel races, etc.

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How to reach Bundi?

Through train, Bundi Railway Station is the closest railway station to the city. There is also another way to reach Bundi via Kota Junction Railway Station, which is located approximately 35 kilometers from Bundi. It is the nearest major railway station.  If you prefer airways, Jaipur International Airport is the nearest airport. The airport is around 210 kilometers from Bundi.

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