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Canada Day Fireworks 2020 At CN Tower: Here Is How You Can Enjoy Virtual Fireworks

Canadians across the world will celebrate Canada Day fireworks 2020 virtually this year due to the unprecedented Coronavirus outbreak in the country. Read on.

canada day fireworks 2020 cn tower

Canada Day is the national day of Canada and is celebrated on July 1 every year, which is the effective date of the Constitution Act, 1867. The day is celebrated as the Constitution Act united the three separate colonies of the Province of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick into a single Dominion within the British Empire called Canada. As per reports, Canada Day celebrations take place throughout the country and in various locations around the world. This year, Canadians across the world will celebrate the country’s 153rd birthday, and for the same, the Government of Canada has planned a virtual firework display for Canadians.

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As per reports published in the west, the Canadian city of Toronto has a special virtual day planned for its residents and the celebration will begin bright and early, at 9 am. Reportedly, Toronto’s Canada Day celebrations normally take place every year at Mel Lastman Square and attract over 30,000 spectators annually. However, this year, the festival will be celebrated on Digital platforms due to the Coronavirus outbreak in the country. Audiences will be able to stream morning, afternoon, and evening shows and downloadable interactive celebration kits will also be available. As per reports, the day will start off with an event called the Canadian Pancake Breakfast, wherein the residents will be able to enjoy breakfast while tuning into performances by Jully Black, The Next Generation Leahy, and more.

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Light show and Fireworks

If the reports are to be believed, the famous CN Tower will host a 15-minute light show, which will begin at 10 pm and will be broadcasted live on CP24. As per reports, The CN tower light show will feature “powerful light cannons” and “a playlist featuring music by a diverse group of Canadian artists.” After the light show, a virtual fireworks display will be arranged by the authorities, which gives the residents an opportunity to use their smartphone, tablet or computer to watch fireworks in a “fun and innovative way.” The show begins at 10 pm local time and will reportedly last for three minutes.

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