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Canada Day Fireworks 2020: Significance And What To Expect Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Canada Day fireworks 2020 update along with the significance of the day. Here is a look at why the fireworks are such an important part of the special day.

canada day fireworks 2020

Canada Day is celebrated annually on July 1 to mark the union of three separate states, Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. On July 1, 1867, the Constitution act came into effect in Canada, making the day special for every citizen of the country. Massive celebrations happen on the occasion while people are given an official holiday in order to honour the country's history. One of the most special events that happen in celebration is the fireworks on Canada Day. It makes most people come out of their houses and enjoy the sight in togetherness.

Canada day fireworks 2020 and its significance

Canada Day, also called ‘birthday of Canada’, was initially called Dominion Day, which was later renamed in the year 1982. The fireworks on the special occasion mainly happen in Abbotsford, Burnaby, Surrey, Vancouver, New Westminster, West Vancouver and White Rock in Canada. However, a few other places including Mission and Whistler, amongst others, also host proper firework sessions. Places in Canada like Amesbury Park, Stan Wadlow Park, and Canada's Wonderland are regarded as the best places to witness the fireworks on Canada Day. These beautiful sessions add light and colour to the special day while also helping people rejoice over being a citizen of a great nation.

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Canada fireworks 2020

In the wake of the global COVID 19 pandemic, various events across the world have been cancelled. In a recent announcement by the government, the country was made aware that fireworks 2020 would remain cancelled due to the unforeseen circumstances. However, the government has also come up with a plan where people can use technology to witness proper fireworks. They have developed a system with augmented reality where people can simply point their mobile phones or tablets in the air, towards the night sky and witness the fireworks on their screens. This system is expected to bring about some bliss while also keeping the people safe at home. A number of people around the country are planning to paint their faces and have other fun activities at home with their families, while spreading awareness on the speciality of the day.

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