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Diwali 2021: Happy Laxmi Puja Wishes, Status, Messages, SMS, Whatsapp Greetings

To wish your loved ones on the occasion of Lakshmi Puja 2021, check out the list of Whatsapp messages, SMS, greetings, status and more below. Read here.


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Marking the festival of goddess Lakshmi also known as the goddess of wealth, prosperity, auspiciousness and good fortune, Lakshmi Puja is celebrated on the third day of Dipawali. It is believed that the goddess visits her devotees and bestows them with her blessings and gifts. In order to prepare for her visit, devotees clean their houses, decorate them with lights and prepare sweets with great zeal. 

It is also said that the goddess Lakshmi blesses the devotees with health and wealth. To wish your loved ones on the occasion of Lakshmi Puja, here are some messages you can send them via social media. 

Laxmi Puja 2021: Wishes, Quotes, Messages, SMS and more

  1. May goddess Lakshmi fill your life with health, wealth and freedom too. May this Lakshmi Poojan bring everything festive just for you.
  2. Maa Lakshmi is sending your way happiness and prosperity this day. Pray, worship and be with the divine and everything will, just be fine. Happy Lakshmi Poojan.
  3. May maa bless you with happiness all the year through! Wishing you a happy Laxmi Puja.
  4. Fortunate is the one who has learned to admire, but not to envy. Good wishes for a joyous Laxmi Puja, with plenty of peace and prosperity.
  5. Let's celebrate the Goddess of wealth as she showers her blessings of prosperity and success. Happy Lakshmi Puja!!! 

  6. Let's celebrate the Goddess of wealth as she showers her blessings of prosperity and success. Happy Lakshmi Puja!!! 

  7.  May Goddess Lakhmi shower on you Dhan, Sampatti, and Samriddhi. Happy Lakshmi Puja!!! 

  8. May this Diwali fill into our lives new hopes for future and new dreams for tomorrow. With lots of love, wishing you a very Happy Diwali.

  9. With light of beautiful diyas and the holy chants, may happiness and prosperity fill your life forever! Wishing you and your Family very happy and prosperous Diwali!

  10. Open your doors and welcome Goddess Lakshmi wholeheartedly on Deepavali. We hope she will fulfil all your dreams. Wishing you a very happy and wealthy Diwali.

  11. All of the lights in the world are incomparable to the light that shines inside us. Merge yourself in this light and enjoy the festival of lights. Happy Diwali!

  12. May this festival of lights illuminate your life and push away the darkness. Have a happy and prosperous Diwali.

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