Is Kohl's Open During Thanksgiving?


Everyone wants to buy new clothes and items during Thanksgiving but not many stores are open. Kohl's is open though, and here are Kohl's thanksgiving hours.

Written By Siddharth Iyer | Mumbai | Updated On:
kohl's thanksgiving hours

Thanksgiving is a time where it is hard to find shops to be open. However, it can be a real blessing when any retail or grocery store is open when you are still not prepared for the upcoming Thanksgiving hour. If you need to buy any gifts, utensils or clothes during Thanksgiving, then it can be a truly stressful moment as not many retail stores are open during the holiday. Luckily for those who still need to buy something on Thanksgiving, Kohl's will still be open on that day, though for a limited time only. 

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Kohl's opening and closing time on Thanksgiving

For those who need to buy any utensils, new furniture, and of course any new clothes, worry not as Kohl's will not be closed on Thanksgiving for long. All of Kohl's retail outlets will be opening at 5 PM on Thanksgiving evening. The stores will be open till 11 PM on Black Friday. The Black Friday deals will also start off from the moment the retail stores open on Thanksgiving itself, offering massive discounts to customers on all purchases. 

An important thing to keep in mind is that if you go to Kohl's on Thanksgiving, be sure to treat the employees there with courtesy. You may be skipping off on Thanksgiving dinner out of choice or because of the Black Friday deals. However, keep in mind that the workers there will be missing out on their Thanksgiving dinner as well, and not out of their own volition.

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Also, remember that while Kohl will be opening on Thanksgiving evening at five, it will also start off with the Black Friday deals immediately. That means that it is almost a certainty that all of Kohl's outlets will be extremely overcrowded the moment they open their doors. So, keep that in mind as you go to their stores. However, anything you want to buy will be massively discounted, so you will be able to buy all your required items without making a big dent in your wallet. Remember these factors and decide at your own discretion if you want to go to Kohl's on Thanksgiving or not. 

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