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Ramanuja Jayanti Significance, History And How The Day Is Celebrated; Check Out

Ramanuja Acharya Jayanti falls in the month of Chaitra and it usually falls on Thiruvathirai Nakshatra. Given below is Ramanuja Jayanti significance & history.

Ramanuja Jayanti significance

Ramanuja Jayanti, also known as Sri Ramanuja Acharya Jayanti, is celebrated to pay tribute to the South Indian philosopher Ramanuja Acharya. Ramanuja Acharya was an Indian theologian and one of the most prominent representatives of the Sri Vaishnavism tradition within Hinduism. His profound foundations for devotionals were influential to the Bhakti movement. He was also the one who ascended that worshipping Lord Vishnu is the only method that can help in attaining salvation or better-known Moksha. Check out more detailed information about the significance of Ramanuja Jayanti. 

Ramanuja Jayanti Significance

The famous philosopher Ramanuja Acharya illustrated and defined the principles of Advaita Vedanta. He supported Vaishnavism and wandered around the country to make people aware of the ethics and teachings of Vaishnavism. Ramanuja inspired the practice of Bhakti Yoga which focused on the importance of Bhakti (devotion) over meditation. Bhakti Yoga aka Bhakti Marga is a spiritual practice within Hinduism centered on devotion towards a personal god. 

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According to the historical writings, the Indian scholar was enlightened by the vision of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Ramanuja Acharya has several famous writings and preachings. The 9 most famous works of Ramanuja are known as the Navaratnas. He is widely respected by many Hindus; especially in South India.

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How is the Ramanuja Jayanti celebrated?

The followers of Sri Ramanuja Acharya worship him on this day. On this day, the ‘Uthsava Murti’ or the statue of Sri Ramanuja Acharya is given a traditional holy bath. During the Jayanti celebration, special prayers and offerings on the teachings of Sri Ramanuja Acharya are endured in the temples and religious premises. In the Southern part of India, the followers of the philosopher make special arrangements in Tamil Nadu in order to memorialise the day and make the celebration huge. The streets and houses are splendidly adorned for the day and believers visit the temple to seek blessings from Shri Ramanuja Acharya on his Jayanti. 

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