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Ratha Saptami Wishes In Telugu You Can Share With Your Loved Ones; Read Here

The auspicious day of Ratha Saptami 2021 is around the corner & devotees across Andhra Pradesh will celebrate it. Here are some Ratha Saptami wises in Telugu.

ratha saptami wishes in telugu

The Sun temple in Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh is gearing up for Ratha Saptami festival, to be held on February 19, 2021. According to a report in Firstpost, over one lakh devotees are expected to arrive at the temple and offer their prayers to Lord Sri Suryanarayana Swamy on this day. Dedicated to Lord Surya, the festival of Ratha Saptami falls on the Saptami tithi of Shukla Paksha in Magha month. Hence, it is also known as Magha Saptami. Read on to learn more about this festival and find some Ratha Saptami wishes in Telugu.

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According to Drikpanchang, Ratha Saptami's snan muhurat is the time when devotees take time out for taking a dip in the river. The snan muhurat falls between 4.56 am and 6.34 am on 19 February. The Saptami tithi begins on 8.17 am on 18 February and goes on till 10.58 am on 19 February. Devotees believe that on the day of Ratha Saptami, Lord Surya started enlightening the whole world, hence, it is celebrated as the birthday of the Sun God, the day is also known as Surya Jayanti.

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Ratha Saptami wishes in Telugu

Agnaanapu Cheekati Teralanu Dinchuthuu, Dedeepyamaina Tejassutho, Yedu Gurrala Ratham Pai, Vacche Aa Surya Bhagavanudi Prakasham. Mee Jeevitham Lo Velugunu Prasadinchanee. Ratha Saptami Subhaakankshalu. Happy Ratha Saptami 2021.

Cheekati Pai Velugu Vijayam, Adharmam Pai Dharmam Vijayam, Asathyam Pai Sathyam Vijayam, Anyayam Pai Nyayam Vijayam, Ide Ratha Saptami Sanketham, Ratha Saptami Subhaakankshalu.

Udayagirimupētaṁ bhāskaraṁ padmahastaṁ

sakala bhuvana nētraṁ nūtnaratnōpadhēyaṁ

timira karimr̥gēndraṁ bōdhakaṁ padminīnāṁ

suravaramabhi vandyaṁ sundaraṁ viśvarūpaṁ

sūryabhagavānuḍu mī andarikī aplaiśvaryālu,

āyurōgyālu prasādin̄cālani

munaspūrtigā kōrukuṇṭū....


Udayagirimupētaṁ bhāskaraṁ padmahastaṁ,

sakala bhuvana nētraṁ nūtnaratnōpadhēyaṁ..

Timirakarimr̥gēndraṁ bōdhakaṁ padminīnāṁ,

suravaramabhi vandyaṁ sundaraṁ viśvarūpaṁ


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Ratha Saptami: Meaning behind the festival

The report in Drik Panchang states that according to a legend the Sun God was born to Sage Kashyapa and Aditi on this day. Devotees who worship the Sun God on this day must rise early to take a bath during Arunodaya or sunrise. It is also believed that one can get rid of the sins they have committed by taking a bath in a sacred river on this day. The report adds that the twelve wheels of the Sun God's chariot represent each Zodiac sign. Moreover, the seven horses that ferry his chariot symbolise the seven colours of the rainbow. One school of thought also suggests that the seven horses signify the seven days of the week.

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