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What Is National Lineman Appreciation Day? How Is This Day Celebrated?

What Is National Lineman Appreciation Day? Know why exactly is the day celebrated. Read to know how to celebrate National Lineman Appreciation Day 2020.

what is national lineman appreciation day

Every year on April 18, National Lineman Appreciation Day has been celebrated as an honour for the men and women who work around the clock to keep the power going. This festival is usually celebrated all over the US and has been in action since 2013. Each and everyone needs power to function and most likely, a lineman is responsible for supplying the power to us. The power is supplied from a power plant, through a grid crisscrossing around the whole country both above and underground and right up to the meters on our homes, these men and women build and maintain the system that keeps our nation running. Read more to know what is National Lineman Appriciation Day 2020. 

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How to celebrate national lineman appreciation day 2020?

It is not necessary to know a lineman in order to celebrate this day. One can easily participate by giving a shoutout on to any linemen on their social media. One can celebrate the day by thanking their local linemen by using hashtags like #NationalLinemanAppreciationDay and #thankalineman on various social media sites. A huge number have tuned in to their social media accounts to wish the people responsible for their power on lineman appreciation day 2020. Here are some of those tweets. 

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