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Akshaya Tritya 2023: Why Buying Gold Is Auspicious On Akhla Teej? Dos And Don'ts To Follow

Akshaya Tritya 2023 is an auspicious festival celebrated on the third day of the lunar phase in Vaisakha month. This year, it will be celebrated on April 22.

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Anjali Choudhury
Akshaya Tritya 2023

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Akshaya Tritya is an auspicious festival celebrated on the third day of the lunar phase in Vaisakha month. This year, people across India will be celebrating the festival on April 22. Akshaya Tritya signifies the day of never ending prosperity as the term "Akshaya" itself means "never diminishing". It is believed by people that whatever begins on this day will grow indefinitely in the future with much less hurdles. 

On Akshaya Tritya, people buy gold, do charitable work, meditate and make investments, among other auspicious activities. Buying gold on this festival is also considered a good omen. It acts as a sign of prosperity and good fortune. Buying gold on this festival also symbolises that the asset's value will increase with time. As per the folklore, Lord Vishnu protects the wealth and prosperity of his people during Akshaya Tritiya. 

Auspicious time to buy gold on Akshaya Tritya?

As Akshaya Tritya will be celebrated on April 22, the best time to purchase gold is from morning 7.49 am to 9.04 am in the morning and around 12.20 pm to 5.13 pm in the afternoon. Meanwhile, the evening muhurat is from 6.51 pm to 8.13 pm and muhurat in the night is from 9.35 pm to 1.42 am.

Akshaya Tritya 2023: Do's to follow

  • On Akshaya Tritya, people are advised to buy gold and add it to their existing property for unending wealth, growth and prosperity. 
  • People are also advised to star a new venture or business as anything that is initiated on this day just continues to flourish with time.
  • Investments are a good choice. They bring good fortune and luck over the years.
  • People often indulge in spiritual activities on Akshaya Tritya. They include pooja, yagna, meditations and more.
  • Devotees who will offer their prayers to Lord Vishnu on this auspicious day must serve a bhog which is devoid of garlic and onion.

Akshaya Tritya 2023: Don'ts to follow

  • No room in the house should be left dark on Akshaya Tritya as the light on this day brings prosperity. The light should enter every room on this festival.
  • Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi should be worshipped together on this festival for good fortune.
  • In case anyone goes out for shopping, they must not return empty handed. Even a small piece of jewellery of anything else will suffice.
  • People should not wear sacred thread on this day as it is believed to be inauspicious. Also, breaking the fast on Akshaya Tritya is not advisable.
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