Women's Day Quotes In Marathi That You Can Share With The Lovely Women In Your Life


Women's Day quotes in Marathi are all you need to send your loved ones. So if you are looking for 'Women's Day quotes in Marathi' your quest finally ends here.

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women's day quotes in marathi

Women’s Day quotes are being shared all over social media. But every Women’s Day quote gets sweeter when you share it in your mother tongue. There are several people out there who are currently scrambling through internet and looking for ‘Women’s Day quotes in Marathi’. Well, your quest ends here.

Women’s Day quotes in Marathi


पूर्वजनमाची पुण्याई असावी

जन्म तो तुझ्या गर्भात घेतला

जग पाहिला नव्हतं तरी

नऊ महिने श्वास स्वर्गात घेतला

No Women’s Day can be celebrated without wishing your dear mother. This is one of the most priceless Women’s Day quotes you can send to your mother. So what are you waiting for? Send it ahead.

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कोट्यवधी वर्षांनी एखादा सूर्य नरिमन होतो

लक्षावधी हरीण शोधल्यावर कस्तुरीमृग सापडतो

हजारो शिंपले उघडल्यावर एक मोती सापडतो

शेकडो माणसे आयुष्यात भेटतात

पण तुमच्या सारखा त्यात एखादाच भेटतो!

Women’s Day quotes are not only meant for your mother and sister but your wife or girlfriend as well. If you want to make your significant other feel special, then go ahead and send this little poem to her. Let her feel priceless like a pearl.


स्त्रियांना चढूद्या,

 शिक्षणाची पायरी

शिकून सावरतील

दुनिया सारी

Education is an important aspect of a human being’s life. So this Women’s Day, let the women in your life celebrate ‘Happy Women’s Day’ with this quote. Let this quote encourage you to support women’s education. Many Marathi quotes out there will tell you the importance of women’s education. This quote is just one of them.

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जबाबदारी सह

 घेते भरारी

तक्रार नाही

की थकवा नाही

Women’s Day Quotes in Marathi are being searched for everywhere. These Women’s Day quotes are talking about and praising women in many ways. This little message is just one of those Marathi quotes. Make the women in your life feel special by sending them this ‘Happy Women’s Day’ texts.

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