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World Book Day Activities: Here Are Some Exciting Things You Can Do

World Book Day Activities to arrange for children in schools, and other events. Here are some exciting ideas for the World Book Day 2020 activities. Read on!

world book day activities

World Book Day is a day where teachers, students, and other groups of people who love books have a celebration. World Books Day is basically celebrated with books, stories, and reading sessions that take place at many places and events. So, here are some ideas for those people who love to celebrate World Book Day and are hunting for ideas and activities to do and on how to celebrate it. Many of these ideas can be used for easy World Book Day activities and spread the importance and love of reading-

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World Book Day activities for you-

Arrange a book-themed event

There are many schools, home-educating groups, and early years’ settings who celebrate their World Book Day with book-themed events. They simply invite their children and ask them to dress up as their favorite book character to have some fun and also learn the importance of reading books. So, this is one of the ways to have lots of fun by theming a whole day, or a whole week of activities, especially all related to books.

Make reading more interesting by giving it a special place

You can read a book anywhere, but creating a special reading place can give a message that how wonderful books are. Setting up a book nook is very simple, all you really need is a place to sit with some books. Reading a book in a special place like making a little reading den that children love to visit can really make reading interesting and loving for children.

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Try inculcating some reading habits in children

You can provide some interesting storybooks with colorful print and images. Children really find it interesting and amazing to look at such colorful things and read such storybooks. This can profit you with two things, firstly children will get a good habit of reading and the other is your World Book Day celebration will also become colorful like those books with so many children participating in your activity.

Re-tell well-known stories through play

You can probably arrange a session of story-telling through a skit or play to the children on this occasional day. Use some props and loose parts as an invitation for children at this storytelling event. At this event prefer re-telling the stories they know, because that will keep them involved and busy concentrating at the play. You can tell stories by using some colorful storytelling cards, story maps, or a game like a treasure hunt to complete the story.

Play a game on the World Book Day

This is quite interesting and amazing when children involve in this game and show up some interest. This is a Guess Who Game, which you can play with kids. In this game, you can see if you can work out on who the book character is by acting, dialogues or by showing the attire of that character.

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You can keep a craft event for children’s activity

Arrange an amazing art and craft event in which children and make interesting things for books. For example, colorful bookmarks, cover a book, decorate a book’s cover, and much more. Children really love coloring and making such things on their own with their own ideas.

Arrange a book writing session

This is quite interesting, where you can arrange an event where children make write on their own. Tell them to draw their own imaginary graphic novel, storybook, or a zig-zag book. Also, you can give them the option of taking the first line of their favorite tale and then further write their own ending story or even fill in the blanks of a known easy story.

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