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World Penguin Day: Best GIFs That You Can Share With Your Loved Ones

World Penguin Day is celebrated all over the world on the 25th of April. Here are some of the best World penguin Day GIFs to send to celebrate the day.

world penguin day

April 25 is celebrated as World Penguin Day because the date collides with the migration of Adelie penguins. Penguins, which are native to the Antarctic, survive the most hostile environment and they fight with natural elements and climatic changes. The day is celebrated with extreme vigour all across the world.

World Penguin Day- GIFs to share with your loved ones

Penguins are aquatic birds that reside in the extreme hemispheres of the globe. The birds have counter-shaded body colour with dark and white plumage and wings. Every year, the world celebrates World Penguin Day as a way to celebrate these unique and flightless birds. 


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The day also raises some kind of awareness amongst people to honour these aquatic birds, who are a vital part of the environment, and face the threat of extinction. You can celebrate the day by sharing some GIFs with your loved ones.


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Sharing some GIFs will help you and your loved one ponder over these aquatic and flightless birds. You can focus on their habitat and how they are a vital part of the ecosystem. Thinking on how natural imbalances and human activity can prove a threat to these species will raise awareness.


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One can spend time searching for some information regarding the birds. Nothing surpasses the cuteness that is overloaded in Penguins. Be it their walk or swimming style, they surely melt everyone's heart.



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