3 Bizarre Chocolate Variations From Around The World


Have you ever imagined a treat that has an insect wrapped in chocolate?

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Chocolates are called mood lifters, while others think of it as one of the best gesture to express love. The sweet brown liquid has evolved over years and has molded itself in various ways. It is also considered as a heavenly liquid that can blends with almost anything, from the appetizers to desserts and its range extends from bakes to beverages. But have you ever imagined an insect wrapped in chocolate? Or even a chocolate sushi for that matter. 

Here's a list of some amazing and unusual chocolate treats. Take a look!

1. Nestlé: KitKat Sushi

This chocolate from KitKat Japan presents the chocolate in the form of Japan's famous dish -- Sushi. The chocolate which is priced more than 27 US Dollars was introduced in three flavors, Tamago that is a mix of pumpkin pudding KitKat placed over puffed rice and wrapped in seaweed. Maguro is raspberry-flavoured bar on top of puffed rice covered with white chocolate. And Uni is the sea urchin option that brings together melon KitKat and mascarpone cheese with a seaweed shell. The flavours were in production only for a short time before it was discontinued.

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2. Sylvain Musquar: Insect topped chocolate

This chocolate dish was invented by French chocolate chef Sylvain Musquar on October 12, 2013, after he was inspired by some Asian cultures' and the practice of eating insects. The specialty of this chocolate is it is decorated with crickets (insects) and worms coated in edible gold dust.

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3. Xocolatl de David: Pig's Blood

Xocolatl de David is an Italian pudding made from pig's blood, which is made creamy and sweetened with ingredients such as chocolate, milk, pine nuts, raisins, and sugar. Though not a staple at the chocolatier, Xocolatl makes pig blood-infused ganache sprinkled with smoked Spanish paprika on top. It is highly in demand twice a year, during Halloween and Valentine's Day. Each square is hand-dipped with the pig's blood lending a subtle iron flavor to the confection.

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Celebrated annually since 2009, July 7th and marked as the 'World Chocolate Day'. People across the globe acknowledge the day as to when cocoa was introduced to Europe, back in 1550. The celebration of this day includes obviously the best thing - eating a lot of chocolates! So, what's your favorite form of chocolate? Let us know in the comments below. 

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