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7 Festive Snacks To Keep You Going This Christmas!

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • These delicious treats will keep you going and will make you forget all the hard work you have been doing this Christmas season!

It's Christmas! Finally, its the time of the year to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ, decorate the Christmas tree and enjoy some amazing bakes. Stringing the lights and decorating the Christmas tree for welcoming Santa is definitely not an easy thing. It needs a lot of brainwork and handwork indeed. So, make sure you have enough delicious treats while you decorate your house with fairy lights and figure out the perfect branch to hand the Rudolph. From brownies topped with crushed candy canes, to bright green sweet pea spread, here are seven festive snacks to enjoy while decorating the Christmas tree.

1.  Chocolate-Peppermint Brownies

Crushed candy canes make a festive topping for rich, fudgy brownies. These brownies are perfect for mid-day snacking and the deep chocolate flavor mixed with the brightness of peppermint just add a twist to the chilly winters!

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2.Christmas gingerbread

Make a batch of cute Christmas gingerbread and you'll be everyone's favorite person. These gingerbreads are warm and will leave you with a fuzzy feeling. 

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3. Endless caramel corn

Abodo sauce in canned chipotle adds terrific spice to this sweet-salty snack. It is a perfect snack for all the people who have a crazy sweet tooth!

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4. Classic Cheesecake

There's something sweet under the mistletoe. Today, give the gift of delicious cheesecake that will win the hearts of your family and friends and will also make a delicious dessert for your lavish Christmas dinner. 

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5.  Garlic Bread "Fries" and Marinara "Ketchup"

For a fun take on fries and ketchup, garlic breadsticks are served with smoky bacon-laced tomato sauce. When you are bored of all the sweet things, this snack is your go-to!

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6.  Chai-Spiced Butter Cookies

The mix of spices in these soft butter cookies will remind you of a hot cup of chai. If you don't have time to grab a cup of chai, don't worry you have these delicious biscuits to make you feel like you are drinking a steaming cup!

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7. Mulled Wine 

Last but not the least, this warming drink has the flavorful depth of the classic red version but is lighter in the body. 

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