Here Are Five Popular Myths About Almond; Read


Almond is one of the most popular nuts of the dry fruits family. Here is a list of popular myths about almonds. Read on to know more about almond myths.

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Almond is one of the most popular nuts of the dry fruits family. It has many nutrients like fibre, protein, Vitamin E and many more. Apart from this, Almond oil is also used to repair dry and dull hair. It is also used in moisturisers that provide healthy skin. The nutritious nut is used for many purposes however there are myths that revolve around this nut. People in India have been blinding following and believing these myths for years. Here is a list of a few of them.

Myths 1: Eat 5-6 per day

The most common myth about almond is that we should eat 5-6 almonds every day. However, to receive the actual benefits of almonds, one should eat an ounce of it i.e. approximately 23 almonds. It is also said that eating an ounce of almond daily improves long-term and short-terms parameters of blood sugar with people having type 2 diabetes.

Myths 2: Weight gain

The other myth related to almonds is that it increases weight. However, studies have shown that almond is the best snack that contributes to weight management. Almonds also help in reducing belly fat and waist circumference.

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Myths 3: That they are not vegan

Many people believe that almond is not vegan. However, reports claim that it is false. Almonds have many nutritional benefits. It also plays a prominent role in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

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Myths 4: Almonds should be consumed only in the morning

Traditionally, it is believed that the nutrition of almond will accelerate if consumed in the morning. But almonds can be consumed at any time of the day and it will help one gain a healthy lifestyle. The nutritious nut can be eaten as a part of a meal and even as a part of a desert.

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Myths 5: Almonds soaked in water are better than the raw ones

Many people believe that almonds soaked in water are better than the raw ones. However, the truth is that soaking almonds in water only makes it chewier. It has no impact on the nutritional benefit of almonds.

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