Beetroot Recipes Lip-smacking And Healthy Dishes Are A Must-try At Home


Surprise your kids by making these healthy yet tasty beetroot recipes at home. Here are 8 finger-licking good ways of eating beetroot. Read more to know.

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Beetroot recipes

There are many different ways of having beetroot other than just in a salad. Beetroots help one in staying healthy. You can also make delicious desserts from beetroots and relish them. Here are 8 finger-licking good ways of eating beetroot.

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Natural red velvet cake

You can make the red velvet cake with the same recipe but instead of food colour, you can add beetroot. This will make the cake naturally red. If you are worried about the flavour of beetroot changing the taste of the cake, then you can add extra sugar to the cake.

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Beetroot pulao

Beetroot pulao can easily be one of the interesting dishes for a family get together. Its warm colour will definitely make people curious on the table. Do try it out at home and tell us how much you and your family enjoyed this lip-smacking dish.

Beetroot and ginger brownies

The combination of beetroot and ginger, that too in brownies sounds weird, doesn't it? But the sweet and the quiet pungent and spicy with a very slight woody and earthy flavour will give a rather different taste to your brownie. This beetroot dish is definitely a must-try!

Beetroot apple smoothie

Beetroot and apple smoothie is exclusively healthy for everyone. Kids will love it for its sweet taste and fresh colour whereas adults will enjoy it as a healthy smoothie any time of the day.

Beetroot soup

Beetroot soup is one of the rich, healthy and also tasty soup. This soup is enriching and high in vitamins and fibre.

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Beetroot paratha

If your kids are tired of eating the same paratha every time, try something different. Make healthy beetroot parathas that will surprise your kids, first by its colour, and second by its taste.

Beetroot kosambari

Kosambari is nothing but the salad in Indian style. Instead of having regular cucumber salad, beetroot and other ingredients like soaked moong dal, coconut, coriander leaves and some raw vegetables like carrot, radish or cabbage and season it with mustard and cumin powder or chat masala.

Beetroot halwa

For all those with a sweet tooth, beetroot halwa is the best healthy option that can be prepared easily at home. Kids would surely be thrilled to try something as different as beetroot halwa. 

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